Monday, February 20, 2012


I went back to Cornwall to see my older sister for her birthday, unlike Southampton you can see the stars in Cornwall, we have barely any light pollution. My dad had spotted both Mars and Venus in the sky over the past few days. So we went out at two am this morning with my tripod and things to see if I could get a photograph of it. My sister also has a telescope, the original plan was to set it up so my DSLR was looking through her telescope, to get a decent photo. Unfortunately she wasn't able to set it up properly, I think something was missing. 
My own - Mars, 2012
 I set my camera up on my tripod, with a standard lens, and used my remote so I didn't move the camera. It was tricky, as it was dark I needed to use a longer exposure, but then the planets and stars would leave a trail, I was surprised at how quickly you could see them move, considering. I managed to get a few photos, although it would have been better if I'd used the telescope. I'm just really happy with the fact I've got photos of Mars, even if they're not brilliant quality. 

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