Saturday, February 25, 2012

David Cotterrell - Monsters of the Id.

We went to David Cotterrell's exhibition at the John Hansard Gallery, on the Southampton Univerity site. We've been asked to wirte a 200 word review in the style of SOUCE Magazine. I read through some of there reviews before starting mine to get an idea of their review style, and the structure they've used.

David Cotterrell is an installation artist, who works with many different mediums, from photography, to audio, to interactive technology. The John Hansard Gallerey in Southampton held his exhibition ‘Monsters of the Id’. Cotterrell wanted to show art in a different way, a way that hasn’t been done often before, but through technology. ‘Monsters of the Id’ comes from the artists journeys to Afganistan.
The first piece of work is called ‘Observer Effect’, it’s a large curved wall with a projection shone on to it. As more people enter the exhibition space, more people appear in the projection. The area in which the people appear is representing Afghanistan. The next piece of work is called ‘Search Light 2’ In the middle of the room, a bumpy terrain like area is covered with little any like people, again this reacts to people viewing the exhibition, and as more people fill the space, move ants will appear, and move across the hilly terrain. The whole exhibition shows representations of war, but not what you expect when you think of war, but more so the way it makes people feel. 

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