Monday, February 6, 2012

Charlotte Cotton Text.

For this weeks text we had a look at Charlotte Cotton's "The Photograph as Contemporary Art". We all had parts of chapter 2, 'Once upon a time'. This photographs all seemed to be slightly if not very staged, made up by the photographer and strongly connected to the narrative. Some images that particularly stood out to me were:
Wendy McMurdo, ‘Helen, Backstage, Merlin Theatre’, 1996
Wendy McMurdo - Helen Backstage, Merlin Theatre 1996
This is a photograph I've seen before, I think it's really clever, like meeting yourself for the first time, I never really do any editing but I think this works really well, I would like to try something similar to see what I could create.
Tom Hunter - The Way Home 2000
Tom Hunter's recreated old paintings through photography, this is a take on John Everett Millais' 'Ophelia'.
All the photographs in this chapter seems to be dream-like, maybe a bit twisted. You don't expect to see what you're seeing, almost like it's fantasy. They all tell stories. 


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