Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Photographs I Took Today.

A friend of mine and I were looking to find some sort of beachy area around Southampton, I went online, and found this place called Weston Parade, so we took a picnic, went over the Itchen Bridge and went to see what it was like.

My own - Slipway, 2012
Throughout the day I took quite a few photographs, and we found lots of pretty shells. This was one of my favourite photos, luckily there weren't many people around, so I didn't have to worry if anyone got in the frame. I really like the diagonal of the slipway stopping in the middle of the frame, and how the clouds seem to have a diagonal line down the middle, I like how the sunshines coming through the clouds, and the different tones of orange and green amongst the beach. 

My own - Seagull, 2012
I also captured this photograph of a seagull, I love the clouds come in from one side, and he's flying between the clouds, not on top of them. I like the softness of the blue and the white, and then the boldness of the almost silouetted seagull.

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