Monday, April 2, 2012

Sarah Moon

I found this book containing photographs by Sarah Moon, she's a French fashion photographer and film maker, but has moved away from fashion photography. I particularly like these two photographs, you cannot see either of the models faces, but just what they're wearing. They're bold and well contrasted in black and white.
Chanel, 1993
Dior, Marie Claire Bis, 1990
I think her work is more about the moment thats captured rather than the subject, or the identity of the subject, alot of the photographs are a little out of focused, blurry and layered up as the image has been caught. They all seem to have parts cut off, peoples face, the top half of they're bodies, half of animals as if the indentity isn't ment to be known, they're all very mysteryous.
I find Sarah's work really beautiful, and I can't wait to discover more in the future.

Photographs scanned from book: Sarah Moon, Thames & Hudson Photofile, 2009

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