Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alex and Ben - My First Colour Prints.

At college I'd used and printed with medium format film, but I'd never printed colour film before. I was really looking forward to it, as I prefer to work with film than digital from what I've done so far. I set the camera on a tripod in my bedroom at halls, and used the daylight coming in the window. I photographed some of my  friends, I wanted them to look natural so tried to keep talking to them to take their attention away from the massive camera pointing in their faces.
Alex, 2012, 10x12in
Being in the colour darkroom is very weird, I couldn't see a thing for about twenty minutes. You just have to keep making noise so no one walks into you and vice versa. But after several test strips I started to see people coloured people.
Ben, 2012, 10x12in
I'm very very happy with how these have come out for my first go. The only thing is they don't seem to be completely in focus, I think this is because I wanted it to look natural after I'd focused the camera, they'd move slightly, moving out of focus.

Photos: My own

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