Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tom Hunter - Recreating Paintings.

Since seeing Tom Hunter's work in the Charlotte Cotton text we read, I really like his work and wanted to look further in to it. This first photo being the recreation of 'Ophelia'. His photo is titled 'The Way Home'. I get the idea this young lady must have been on the way home, when something bad happened, but you're given any clues as to what. It's as if you just see one clip from a story, and it's left to you to decide what going on. You can tell from looking just over the hedge that it's been taken recently, he wasn't tried to hid the houses, or what looks like a metal fence, it's not like he'd tried to make his photograph look old fashioned.
Tom Hunter - The Way Home, 2000
John Everett Millais - Ophelia, 1852

The next photograph by Hunter is 'Woman Reading a Possessions Order', there is a baby lying on the bed, she's stood in front of the window.This is a recreation of Johannes Vermeer's painting, 'Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window', this two girls are stood in the same position, and the surroundings are pretty similar, although in Vermeer's painting, there is no baby, just a basket of fruit on the bed.

Tom Hunter - Woman Reading a Possessions Order,  1997
Johannes Vermeer - Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window,  1657-9
You know the girl in Hunter's photo is reading a possession order, but it's unknown to us what the girl in Vermeer's painting is reading, perhaps a letter from a loved one.


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